Small Charity Directory is Exclusively for UK Registered Charities with an Income Less than £100,000 per year


With up to 160,000 UK Registered Charities, 45.6% of this sector has an annual turnover of less than £10,000. Small Charity Directory is designed in helping you find a these charities which really need your support.

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Facts and Figures

The annual income of the UK Charity Sector is £51bn!

0.5% of £51bn are the charities with an income of less than £10,000.

3.4% are for charities which turnover £10,001 to £100,000.

96.1% of income goes to charities with an access of £100,001 +

These figures are dated September 2009 from Charity Commission Website.

Our goal is to link up the individual supporters/ fundraisers/ donators with small charities. To generate website traffic and enquiries to these smaller causes as well as your local charites. Helping you to make a difference on a personal level.

Directory Launch Date - January 2010!

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Special Feature

Joy Home for Children - HIV / Aids Out Reach Support Programme

To provide support for an HIV/Aids Centre which currently cares for 22 children in India. The centre is funded purely by donations from local communities/organisations and is managed by elderly ladies. The centre is also an old peoples home and accommodates approximately 30 elderly ladies. Living condition are congested and the children sleep on mats on the floor. Most of these children are orphans and have no support or care from extended family members.

We do not supply direct funding, our role is only to supply the items which are desperately needed. Donations can be monitored on our website Joy-O-Meter.

For further information on visit:


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