Charity T Shirt Printing Services

At Small Charity Directory we have partnered with the excellent team at InfiniteTee for discounted t-shirt printing for our site members. The design team over at their head offices in Llangollen are always creating new, personalised t-shirt designs specifically to help promote fundraising events ran by our members and their supporters.

InfiniteTee have their own designated Charity each year, and during 2018 they have chosen to support SANDS the Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Charity, because nobody should have to face losing a baby and all their support helps make a change, support the families facing such a tragic loss, and hopefully prevent more deaths in the future. The company director is running the Great North Run Half Marathon in September 2018 to help raise money for SANDs Which is why all purchases on their website from their charity designs collection donates 10% automatically, helping make a difference to families across the UK.

InfiniteTee UK – Personalised Charity T-shirt Printing
The thing we really like about InfiniteTee is the fact that they will bend over backwards to provide the perfect top for their customer. Whatever customisation or personalisation you want on your top, they will print it for you. They offer a brilliant collection of sports fabrics and cool tech t-shirts and vests, perfect for anything from 5K all the way to a Marathon and beyond into Ultra races.

Why Choose Cool Tech?
Cool Tech Sports Fabrics are great because they are made from polyester meaning they are easy to clean and don’t lose shape. The special fabric is designed with small tunnels woven within the fabric allowing sweat to wick away from the body, keeping you drier and cooler during endurance events such as marathons and ultra marathons. You can also print with a variety of techniques on sports fabrics, including sublimation (on light colours), DTG, Laser Transfer and Vinyl. The most popular t-shirt and vests are created by AWDis and are called Just Cool – they are the leaders in the industry offering a fantastic quality of fabric at a incredibly competitive price. Many of the other brands like Fruit of the loom and Gildan have created their own versions to compete with AWDis, but the quality and cut of the Just Cool tops beats all others in the same price range hands down.

The Just Cool tops come in over 20 colour choices allowing Charities to stick to their corporate branding so their logo prints and looks awesome, and their event is fully branded on the day of the event. They are able to offer mens, ladies and kids fits, in a variety of styles including t-shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, as well as vests including racer backs, with their sizes going upto 3XL. They can offer discounts for charities ordering 50 or more tshirts for their events.

If you’re a member of the public and need a top to tell everyone who you’re training for, or to run a particular event in memory or to support a loved one, they can also print your tshirt and help you with whatever design and customisation you require. All you need to do is choose a design on their website and put it in the personalisation requests when you order. Or if you have a completely new design you would like to print, you can order a custom design in their custom tops category which will allow you to upload your artwork. Whether it’s a high quality PDF or AI with vector format, or just a scribble showing what you’re after – their design team will create the artwork free of charge and print it all included in the price for you.

InfiniteTee are based in Llangollen North Wales, check out their website here or call 01978 447577 for more information. They print all orders within one working day and post first class so you’re guaranteed a super fast delivery. We are pleased to partner with InfiniteTee for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Thank you for reading.

What Percentage Of Donations Go To Charity?

A commonly asked question but to find the answer, one has to visit individual charity websites or refer to the annual review from the charity commission website.

Below is a listing from research conducted in April 2010. Each charity was contacted and their reply is posted below.


In the last financial year 75.3% of our expenditure was spent on activities to end cruelty to children. You can find more detail of this in our financial report (page 5).
Duty Enquiries Officer NSPCC Safeguarding Information & Library Service


In a typical year we would expect to spend between 10 and 15% of our general income on governance, management and central support costs, which will include things like finance, human resources, IT, planning and project management. These figures also include costs associated with running the charity in accordance with statutory regulations. A detailed outline of expenditure can be found within our Annual Report.
Supporter Care Team.


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) makes sure every penny we receive is spent on things that we believe could make a real difference to you and your family. That means out of every £1: – 56p is invested in pioneering research to help fight heart disease – 27p is invested in prevention and care to benefit patients and their families – 16p is invested in generating income – 1p is invested in keeping the charity working efficiently and effectively.


For every £1 given to Oxfam 80p is spent directly on our emergency, development and campaigning work; 11p is spent on support and governance; and 9p is invested to generate future income. Support and governance includes all the other costs associated with running the charity. For example, the HR and finance teams who recruit staff and ensure funds are in place to respond to emergencies, the cost of monitoring our work to check that the money is used effectively, and other legal requirements such as producing our Annual Report. Supporter Relations Oxfam GB


At least 80p in every pound we receive from sponsorship contributions are spent on supporting and delivering our development work to improve the lives of children and communities in the world’s poorest countries. Programme support costs which are included in the 80p (such as project staff and transport) are essential to the effectiveness of our work. Some of our development projects such as School Linking and Development Education are partly based in the UK. Such projects involve British children as well as youngsters in developing countries, and aim to improve the lives of both. They comprise a maximum of 5% of our expenditure. The remaining 20p is spent on fundraising, salaries and administration in the UK. Such spending is essential to the long-term viability of our work and to raising even more funds, but we try to keep it as low as possible.
Supporter Relations Coordinator


75 pence out of every pound goes directly to helping children.
As per Unicef website.


Over the last five years the average cost of fundraising has been about one sixth (16-17 per cent). That is, every pound we spend has brought in five or more pounds after costs. On average, 83 pence in every pound raised goes to the hospital. This is money we have to spend to bring in money. If we did not spend the 17 pence we would not get the 83 pence.
Supporter Services.


Our targets are set over 2 years so the latest up to date review is for year end 2008. Our total income is almost £68 Million. The breakdown of this is, Governance £0.1m (1%),UK Support costs £2.9m (4%), UK campaigning and education £5.4m (8%), Raising funds £9.8m (14%),Overseas Activities £49.3m (73%)
Supporter Care


In the last financial year 75.6% of our expenditure is classed as direct charitable. This supports our partner projects in India, East Africa and the UK and the work they do with street children and young people. This money is also fundamental in furthering the overall development of these projects, so that they can be as effective as possible in reaching both the individual project objectives and the overarching objectives of railway children, which ultimately have demonstrated the capacity to alter the lives of so many children.
Administration Assistant


For every penny donated, a penny goes to projects helping disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. We are able to make this promise because the charity uses its investment income and Giftaid to cover all operational costs.
Database Information Assistant BBC Children in Need


just over 82% of our expenditure was on the actual cause in 2008. However, our expenditure does fluctuate with big project payments when we build things crossing the year end. A more stable figure could be derived from the percentage of our income which is spent on non actual cause, which would be 15%, with 85%being eventually spent on cause.


For every £1 that we received from a supporter we take 85p and put it straight to our work with children. We use the remaining 15p to cover all of our organisation’s overheads and fundraising. For every £1 that we spend on fundraising we generate a further £5 to put towards our work with children. Each year we have managed to reduce our overheads and so put a greater proportion of our supporters’ money towards our charitable work. To do this we have to look at every aspect of the organisation and make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. Our absolute priority is reaching vulnerable children with much needed support.
Supporter Care Adviser
Supporter Innovation and Development


For the financial year 2008-2009 we spent 80% of the money we raised, excluding retail, on beating cancer. The rest of our income was spent on three areas. Raising funds to ensure money continues to be available to spend on research year after year. Managing supporter events such as Race for Life. This is to ensure they are as successful as possible and to encourage those supporters to get involved with us in other ways. The third area we spent money on is sharing our work and achievements with our supporters and the public. This helps reassure people their support is really making a difference and increases people’s awareness of us and what we do. We constantly work on keeping our costs down and maximising the amount we can put into research. We look for cheaper and more efficient ways to do things across the charity and in the last year have made savings worth several million pounds.
Supporter Contact Executive
Supporter Services


For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we raise £4.48. Out of every £1 we spend 82p goes towards our work with children and young people. This rises to 94p if trading and property development costs(both of which are selffinancing) are excluded.
Annual Review 2009.